Foster TV console with lift

 With the push of a button, the TV gently rises out of this console table, and then push the button again, and the TV disappears from sight. And at 12" deep, this console table works great behind a sofa, and the best part is, you still can keep your favorite art on the wall, because there's 3" of clearance behind the TV. The console table has been fitted with a state-of-the-art Nexus lift mechanism and an IR repeater, so the cable box is out of sight too. The TV lift can be operated with either the included remote control, or if the remote is nowhere to be found, the console has it's own built-in on/off swich. The console table is built strong, with traditioinal mortise and tenon joints. The console is made of red oak, it's stained a dark-brown tone, and then it's sealed with a durable, poly finish. Electronics not included. The console table measures 90L x 34H x 12D. This type of item can be customized. #8842

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