Distinctive furniture designs to accent any home.


The Schick Furniture Mission

- Design -

Building outside of the box has its advantages. Schick Furniture's distintive designs have a focus on form, function and strength. Either choose a design from our catalog or let us fine-tune your design idea. Schick Furniture also has the expertise to take any sketch or photo from 2 dimensions to reality.

- Production -

Schick Furniture unites the finest hardwoods with industrial-strength joinery to produce individual pieces or production runs of 10 or more. We can also work with your architect or interior designer to execute their designs for your home.

- Durability -

Schick Furniture designs integrity into all its furniture & cabinets. Every piece is built with time-tested methods and strong traditional joints. These high standards allow Schick Furniture to provide a 10 year warranty with every purchase. See below for recent projects that feature traditional woodworking joints and techniques.

Recent Projects